Boutique hotel in the centre of Ghent

Hotel de Flandre boasts the grandeur of a 19th century guest house for business and leisure guests alike, with state-of-the-art amenitiesin the centre of the bustling city of Ghent.
The famous writer Chateaubriand (who was a Minister back then), baron Louis, Duke of the Beugnot, as well as Bertin de Vaux, director of ‘Le Journal Universel’ stayed at the Hotel de Flandre in 1815. They were part of the court of the French King Louis XVIII when he was on the run for Napoleon – who had returned from Elba – during the ‘Hundred Days’.

Johann Strauss senior (1804-1849) also stayed here during his concert trip of 1838 on 21, 23 and probably also 25 March.

In the neoclassical building, were the ‘Hôtel de Flandre’ used to be located, you will now find, on Poel 1-2 the new ‘Hotel de Flandre’.
The plastered façade of this beautiful building – well-conserved and restored with great care – has eight bays and four and a half floors, and shows off an ornamented frieze.  The portal is still the authentic gateway to the hotel.

Just a little anecdote. Ghent Zuid railway station, after the first train arrived there in 1837, had a service of omnibuses, which were actually horse-drawn carriages. About ten travellers could be transported together from the station to the hotels in town. There was a fierce competition between the omnibuses to attract the highest number of passengers. Out of the 15 omnibusen which provided this service, about five remained after one year and after ten years after the arrival of the first train only two were left; one for Hôtel de Flandre and one for Hôtel de Courtrai, both located at Poel/Drabstraat. A few years later these coaches also disappeared.